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Accelerated Reader - AR




Accelerated Reader Overview


The AR program at Summerfield Elementary is a PTA sponsored program. This program has many benefits, including enhancing reading comprehension skills. Students read books (or we read books to them). Each book in the AR system has an assigned point value based on the number of words in the book and the book’s reading difficulty. Students can then take a short reading comprehension quiz at school about that book. As the students take (and pass) the quizzes they can earn AR points. These points accumulate throughout the school year. Two times a year, the PTA will reward the students with various prizes based on the total cumulative points that they have earned prior to the quiz ending date.


There are thousands of books that are considered “AR books”. They are not special books. They can be found at our school library, the public library, your classrooms, and your home collection of books. To find out whether the book your child has read is an AR book and in the AR system, you can go to www.arbookfind.com. The AR books from our school library are already labeled by Mrs. Harris. 


Yellow AR reading log sheets are sent home early in the school year. This is an optional tool to help your child with knowing the name, author, or AR book number of the book they read. The AR book number can be found at www.arbookfind.com. You will find the “AR Quiz No.” once the book is found in the system. Additional AR reading log sheets can be printed from the link below. AR information and login IDs will be sent home with the reading logs. If you need this information, please contact Mrs. Harris, school Media Specialist. 


For the 2019-2019 school year, the AR quiz ending and reward dates are:

                                    Quiz ending date          Reward Date          Milestone (Prize Levels) Awarded

First prize period:        December 21, 2019      January 17, 2020                      1-5

Second prize period:    May 3, 2020                 May 16, 2020                           1-10


Kindergarteners have a special treat and story day in October, and begin taking quizzes after that. They participate in both prize periods.


If a student attains higher than Milestone 5 in the first AR period, he/she will not receive the physical award for higher than Milestone 5 until the appropriate award period. For example, if Sally reaches Milestone 9 in the first AR period, she will receive the prizes for Milestone 1 - 5 at the first reward date.  Even if she doesn't take any additional quizzes for the year, she will still receive her prizes for Milestones 6-9 at the second reward date.


To find out what the milestones (prize levels) are for your child’s grade or to access the reading log, click on the links at the top of this page. If you have more questions after reading these materials, feel free to email any of the Accelerated Reader Co-chairs listed below. 


Beth McQuaid, Summerfield Elementary Accelerated Reader Co-Chair: bethmcquaid11@hotmail.com

Steph Holbert, Summerfield Elementary Accelerated Reader Co-Chair: steph.atc@gmail.com