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Reflections Art Contest 

This year's theme is “Look Within”

Is your child creative?

Does he/she dance?

Compose music?

Enjoy photography?

Write stories?


Then don’t delay... enter the Reflections Arts Contest today!


It’s a new school year and that means Reflections art contest 2019-20 is underway. The theme this year is “Look Within”.  Participation in Reflections helps develop creativity and confidence as our children get to explore the arts through 6 different categories, dance, music, film, visual arts, literature and photography. Don’t forget that there is a category for special artist with more information coming soon.

All participants and their families get to join us for a Reflections celebration where we will serve breakfast and have raffle prizes!  Entry Form Deadline November 1st.  We hope you encourage your children to participate in this fun and educational experience.  


Please reach out to Tanya Kertland with any questions, tkertland@me.com.


Film Production:  the process of making a film.  The producer (student entry) is not required to appear in the film but can do so using a camera tripod.  All screenwriting, directing, camera/filming and editing must be done by the student. PowerPoint presentations are prohibited.

Consider the following styles to portray your original work of fiction or nonfiction:  Animation, narrative, documentary, experimental, or multimedia.

Dance Choreography:  the act of creating movement.  The choreographer (student entry) may be the performer or one of the performers, but does not have to perform in the entry.

Consider the following styles and ensembles to portray your original choreography: Ballet, contemporary, ethnic and folk, freestyle, hip hop, jazz, street dance, and tap.

Literature:  the art of writing.  The author (student entry) expresses their own thoughts and ideas through the use of words.  Authors submit a single literary work, handwritten or typed, using grade-appropriate grammar, punctuation and spelling.  Collections of literary work (such as poems and short stories) are not accepted.

Consider the following literary styles to portray your original work of fiction or nonfiction: Prose, poetry, drama (screen play and play script), reflective essay, narrative, or short story.

Musical Composition:  the process of creating a new piece of music.  The composer (student entry) expresses their own thoughts and ideas through the use of sound.  Individual or group performances are allowed, as is making use of a sound library generated performance of a composed score.  Student composers are not required to perform their composition.

Consider these music styles & instruments:  Acappella, blues, choral, country, electronic, hip hop, jazz, world music, musical, orchestral, pop, R&B, religious, rock, symphonic/concert band, and traditional.

Visual Arts:  includes many art forms that are visual in nature.  The artist (student entry) captures their own thoughts and ideas to create a visual piece of art.

Accepted forms of visual art:  Architecture (2D/3D), carpentry, ceramics, collages, photographic collages (multiple photos cut/pasted), computer-generated image, crafts, design, dioramas, drawing, fiber work, jewelry, kites, metal etching/punch work, mobiles, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and wind chimes.

Photography:  the process of creating an image.  The photographer (student entry) captures their own thoughts and ideas on camera by focusing on objects using varous lenses, filters and light sources, and the use of photographic techniques conventionally or digitally.

Accepted forms of photography:  A single photo, panoramic, photomontage (one seamless print of multiple original photos), a multiple exposure, negative sandwich or photogram.  Original black-and-white and color images are accepted.

Special Artist Division:  an option for students with disabilities who receive services under IDEA or Section 504 to have the opportunity and accommodations they may need in order to participate fully in the program.  The Special Artist Division offers modified rules and guidelines to ensure that every student has the chance to be part of the Reflections program.