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We love our staff at Summerfield Elementary.  Our school would not be the same without them.  Below is a list of our staff by the month of their birthday.  Each staff member is asked to complete "Spoil Our Staff" (SOS) sheet to identify what some of their favorite things are.  These SOS sheets can be found in a white binder in the PTA room (front office area).  


6    Myrna Turner, Cafeteria Staff

6    Rebecca Ross, Teacher Assistant

19   Darien Bynum, ACES Group Leader

19   Kim Clark, Curriculum Facilitator

27   Tamara Staton, ACES Group Leader

28   April Roberts, Resource/AG Teacher



3    Adriane Esteppe, ACES Group Leader

7    Vera Benfield, Speech Teacher

8    April Patton, 5th Grade Teacher

8    Brittney Poole, Kindergarten Teacher

15   Kristie Lano, 4th Grade Teacher

16   Jaymie Walton, 2nd Grade Teacher

18   Lee Doyle, Treasurer

22  Kristin Rezek, 2nd Grade Teacher

25  Roberta Hoyle, ESL Teacher

29  Melanie Kornegay, 1st Grade Teacher


8    Kathy Mayer, Resource/AG

16   Devin Floyd, Counselor

21   Mary Beth Horan, School Occupational Therapist

22   Jill Walsh, Principal

26   Michael Joncas, 5th Grade Teacher

27   Elizabeth Jones, 1st Grade Teacher

29   Tina Headden, Resource/LD Teacher

30   Cynthia Kenan, School Psychologist



  5   Lindsay Fricke, 2nd Grade Teacher

  6   Nicole LaBean, 1st Grade Teacher

  9   David Layton, PE Teacher

13   Laurel Tredinnick, Social Worker

16   Karen Carter, 4th Grade Teacher

20   Patsy Lester, 5th Grade Teacher

28   Karen Bolyard, Physical Therapist

29   Beverly Johnson, Music Teacher


5    Katie Sprayberry, Hearing Impaired Interpreter

6    Dawn Cooper, 3rd Grade Teacher

12   John Mullins, Custodian

12   Lisa Hausler, Teacher Assistant                                                                       

17   Kenya Donaldson, 3rd Grade Teacher

22  Christopher Staton, Custodian                                                              

23  Suzie North, Resource/LD Teacher     


17   Renee Blatchley, Teacher Assistant

18   Roger Best, Spanish Teacher

19   Sidra Haider, ACES Group Leader & Cefeteria Staff

23  Anita Alday, RN, School Nurse

25  Michael Garrett, Art Teacher

25  Aleksandra Korda, Teacher Assistant


6    Jennifer Summers, Kindergarten Teacher

9    Liz Outlaw, Teacher Assistant

13   Heather Reeder, 1st  Grade Teacher

14   Kim Lolley, Kindergarten Teacher

15   Kisha Turner, Cafeteria Manager

17   Mary McDonald, 5th Grade Teacher

26   Perry Pass, Custodian


 7   Karen Harris, Media Specialist

12   Laura Sams, Adapted PE

23  Rebecca Tuggle, Cafeteria Staff


 2    Kayla Hampton, ACES Director

 4    Ketashia Neal, Teacher Assistant

 9    Lynne DeVaney, Teacher Assistant

10   Dana Carbaugh (nee Carpenter), 3rd  Grade Teacher

12   Robin Sappenfield, Data Manager

25   Camille Muire, Kindergarten Teacher

28   Melinda Mayhew, Assistant Principal


 4    Kelli Clark, 3rd Grade Teacher

 11    Rhonda Morris, ACES Group Leader

 13   Robbin Walton, 3rd Grade Teacher

 21   Donald McCall, Head Custodian         

 24   Kim Sheppard-Jones, Kindergarten Teacher    

 31   Sharon Scales, Cafeteria Staff


18   Chanelle Gainey, Technology Assistant

22  Tasha Fulmore, 4th  Grade Teacher


13   Christina Rogers, 1st Grade Teacher

21   LaTonya Johnson 2nd Grade Teacher

27   Maria Marble, 2nd Grade Teacher