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What are parents saying about us?

- The Elliott Family


Sitting down to share my thoughts about why Summerfield Elementary is the best educational choice for my son is harder than you could imagine. There is so much I want to say about this school and what is has done for my son—it is hard to get my thoughts down because there are so many little stories and feelings I have about this amazing place.


When he began Kindergarten, 2.5 years ago, he was shy, nervous, anxious and a follower. I worried as I sent him off to this new building of strangers– did I make the right choice? That’s what we as parents do – always question our choices. But that questioning didn’t last long as I watched my son fall in love with school and learning. The pride he showed when asked where he went to school and him saying I go to Summerfield with a huge smile on his face made me so proud and thankful. As a new parent I was welcomed into school. It became evident pretty quickly that Summerfield Elementary is a warm, inviting school family where children come first in everything, everyone does every single day. I look at my son now, as a second grader, and he is now self-assured, confident, a leader and learning so much more than I ever expected! I am surprised every day by how much he has grown and flourished in such a short time. We owe this all to Summerfield – I truly cannot believe how far he has come in such a short time and I know to the bottom of my heart it is because of the teachers & staff at Summerfield and how much time they have invested in him as a learner and a person.


Before becoming a mom I was a Nationally Board Certified teacher in the NC Public Schools for a decade. What I see happening from a professional standpoint each and every day at Summerfield gives me so much pride as an educator. They are truly doing it right—educating the whole child even in these difficult times of Common Core Standards and high stakes testing. I feel confident that every single teacher at Summerfield is dedicated to all students and has high expectations in behavior and learning for all students. There is a warmth amongst the teachers that is contagious and the students at Summerfield & families just create such a wholesome learning environment. Everyone is happy to be there!


Being a parent is the hardest job I have ever had and I am always questioning my decisions but one choice I would make over and over again with 100% certainty (that I made the right choice) is choosing Summerfield Elementary for our son’s education. We love it here! It is like home—it is like family! Cannot wait for our daughter to start in the fall of 2015!


Danielle Elliott PTA Secretary & Leadership Team Parent Representative


 - The Luther Family


After exploring other educational avenues, we decided to move to Summerfield Elementary.  We could not have made a better choice.  After we decided to change schools, we had an initial conversation with Principal Walsh.  She took the time to assess our son’s personality and academic abilities to find the best fit in terms of teachers.  Her personal involvement was not surprising considering the school administration is very involved in the educational process and often seeks parental input.


During our Open House visit, helpful staff and PTA volunteers identified the look of bewilderment upon the faces of newcomers.  They immediately leaped into action by guiding us where we needed to go and educating us on what we needed to do and know.  Not only is the PTA Board a warm, friendly, and extremely involved group of people who volunteer countless hours for the school, but they are dedicated to building a welcoming school community.  Both the school and PTA communicate with parents regularly and keep us well informed.


As soon as school started, our son’s wonderful teachers took the time to gain an understanding of his strengths and weaknesses.  They continually went above and beyond to find ways to challenge him in areas in which he excelled and to work individually with him in areas that needed more attention.  Since the beginning of the school year, several new programs were introduced that served to challenge his mind and to keep him engaged.  All of the teachers are caring, responsive, and willing to make sure each child is provided with an education that matches their abilities.


The primary, enrichment-AG, and specials teachers as well as the school administration have all worked together as a team in providing a well-rounded education for our son.  It is obvious that they truly love the children and love teaching.  We would highly recommend Summerfield Elementary to anyone considering the school.  We look forward to another wonderful year.


Dana Luther



- The Badger Family


Three years ago when my husband Chan was given the opportunity to relocate anywhere in the Guilford County market we began our search not only for our home, but most importantly our then rising first grader and soon to be kindergartner. Our home for education was most important in this search. Having grown up in the Guilford County public schools and Chan having gone to public school, we knew we wanted a public school education for our children. After a visit to the Summerfield community—we had a calming in our heart and knew this is where we should be. Friends and family members spoke highly of the schools in this part of the county—more specifically Summerfield Elementary.


We decided before settling on a practice location for Northern Family Medicine or a home for our family, we would visit Summerfield Elementary—needless to say the “rest is history!!” A “School of Excellence” that consisted of Extraordinary Administration and Stellar Teachers, we knew our children would attend Summerfield Elementary. The visit was so fulfilling, friendly and warm. An environment we wanted our children to learn in everyday. We receive phone calls on a regular basis from private schools in our community. I am PROUD to say why we chose to go to Public School and most importantly why we chose Summerfield Elementary and have no desire to search elsewhere. It has been said before, “Summerfield Elementary is a private school in the public school system!!” With that said, the Badgers know we made the RIGHT decision!!!


Jenny Badger